Technology Transfer in Academia
Panel Moderator
Event Type
Professional Development
TimeFriday, September 1712:30pm - 1:15pm CDT
DescriptionUniversity technology transfer and licensing offices play a vital role in the commercialization of research innovation. However, for many faculty and students, the functioning and resources of their university technology transfer and licensing offices are often foreign and underutilized. This lack of awareness inhibits life-changing research from transferring out of the lab, limits economic opportunity, and can sometimes foster institutional distrust. As a result, many colleges and universities spend more to manage their tech transfer and licensing office than they produce. This lack of awareness only tells part of the story. Busy research faculty are often not incentivized to pursue tech transfer and licensing, as its impact on tenure and promotion isn’t substantial enough to stimulate interest. The complexities of moving research to market matched with the challenges of engaging research faculty and students in tech transfer inevitably stifle engines of innovation across the country. In this panel, we will explore the core of these dynamics, discuss the experiences of faculty who have ventured this path, and lay a foundation to increase engagement in tech transfer and licensing among university faculty and students.
Panel Moderator
Director Collaboratory for Inclusive Entrepreneurship