TAs For Inclusion: Creating a Supportive and Diverse Community Through an Effective Teaching Assistants Program
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Broadening Participation in Computing
TimeWednesday, September 1512:30pm - 1:45pm CDT
DescriptionTo support the growth and inclusivity of CS programs, a diverse body of teaching assistants allows students to pursue their education in an environment where they are seen, heard, and represented. This workshop's goal is to help attendees create a supportive and diverse CS community through teaching assistants. We hope to address questions such as: How do I start an inclusive TA program? How do I change a culture that is not inclusive? What does leadership in a TA program look like when it respects diversity? How can an inclusive TA program impact student and TA experiences? How do I better manage an existing program that is diverse and inclusive?
In this two-part workshop, we will first share our experiences as underrepresented students in computing and as undergraduate Teaching Assistants. We will discuss how the Teaching Assistant program has impacted our education, the importance of encouraging teaching assistants to embrace diversity, and the value of empowering students to be leaders in the TA program. We will also reflect on how we each create a safe space for unjudged learning in our courses and tutorial lab.
Second, attendees will discuss and develop a shared, collaborative set of Teaching Assistant Best Practices. They will leave with a set of tools for creating an effective and inviting teaching assistant program at their institution. The intended audiences for this workshop are current or prospective undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants, and professors or administrators who work with teaching assistants.