Working with young people and teachers in low-income areas to improve access to and participation in computing
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Broadening Participation in Computing
TimeWednesday, September 151:30pm - 2:15pm CDT
DescriptionThe COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted existing inequalities in access to computing devices, showing how much more needs to be done to close the digital divide between families with differing levels of economic resources. However, lack of a digital device for home use is only one factor impacting broadening participation in computing to low-income families. Young people from these families may also be less likely to have access to computing curricula in school and to opportunities to develop their skills outside of school. Without access and support at all of these levels, young people may find it difficult to develop a sense of belonging in computing, and will continue to be underrepresented within the computing community. This panel takes an international perspective in discussing the challenges faced and lessons learned from working with young people in low-income areas, presenting both hands-on experience and research conducted in formal education and non-formal contexts in the United States, Guyana, and the United Kingdom.