Engagement Deputy Chair

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Engagement Deputy Chair

Vincent Martin

Assistive Technology Consultant


Vincent Martin is the first totally blind student and blind graduate in the history of Georgia Tech.  He also is the first and only legally or totally blind graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University as well.  .   His initial education consists of three undergraduate degrees In Textile Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Psychology with an emphasis In Engineering Psychology. 

He also holds multiple Master’s degrees consisting of a Master of  Science in Decision Sciences with and Emphasis in Game Theory, a Master of Science degree in Human Computer Interaction in the Psychology tract, and a Master of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Human Centered Computing.  He also has earned a dual Doctorate in Economics and Systems Engineering.

Since 2018, he has worked for Regions Bank on the Accessibility team as a Digital UX Accessibility Specialist.  In the past, he has worked as an Assistive Technology trainer, accessibility auditor, research scientist for the Veterans Administration and been the capacity of a practicing rehabilitation engineer for over twenty years now.  He has worked as a consultant for some of the largest Technology and Fortune 500 companies as a Usability and accessibility consultant.

Part of his outside interest consists of being an advocate on behalf of all people with a myriad of disabilities.  IN this capacity, He serves as the vice-president of the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS) a service that provides a closed loop reading system to people with all types of print disabilities. 

In 2014 he was appointed by the governor of Georgia to the advisory board for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency where the citizen advocates provide oversight and guidance to the state’s vocational rehabilitation system.

As an accessibility advocate for all disabilities, HE served on the committees that helped to make the Atlanta Olympic and Paralympic Games the most accessible sporting events ever held in the United States.  Most importantly, his name is proudly on the landmark transportation class action lawsuit, Martin V. MARTA, which forced the Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority to adhere to the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

Having seen the ravages of visual impairments leave people, including his own mother, lost and alone, HE spends part of his weekends restoring this access by serving as a volunteer teacher of elderly blind individuals to use computers with speech output as his own personal research topic and as a way of providing a service that is not provided by the State rehabilitation system. 

He also is a retired Paralympic Athlete having represented the USA in Track and Field in the 1996, 2000,  and 2004 Paralympic games.  He is still the totally blind USA record holder in the Pentathlon in Track and Field and still is the second farthest throwing totally blind discus thrower in history.

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