Omar Florez Photo

Technical Panels & Workshops Deputy Chair

Omar Florez

Machine Learning Researcher


Dr. Omar U. Flórez is a Machine Learning Researcher at Twitter Cortex in San Francisco, California. He got his PhD in Machine Learning at Utah State University and Undergrad at Universidad Nacional de San Agustín in Arequipa, Peru. Omar studies the conversational nature of the content that people share in social networks and the emergence of novel and multilingual hashtags. His professional experience includes Senior Research Manager at Capital One and Research Scientist at Intel. Omar has recently been recognized as Role Model in AI by AI4ALL y has received the Digital Democracy Award in Peru for the first English-Spanish dictionary of technical terms in Artificial Intelligence. In 2010, IBM Research gave him the Innovation Award for his doctoral thesis: “Real-Time Extraction of Rules to Explain Vehicle Interactions from Traffic Cameras”. He has published 20+ papers and 10 patents on machine learning and computer vision.

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